Chimney Sweeping & Fireplace Repairs

Receive guaranteed chimney sweeping and fireplace repairs when you rely on Moore's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning.

We provide on-site consultations and quotes prior to every chimney cleaning job. Our professionals provide you with recommendations based on your chimney's specific needs. Typically, we begin by cleaning your chimney and then perform a rigorous inspection to ensure safety codes are met.

Should any problems be seen, we promptly make you aware of them, as well as the necessary services to correct them. We provide written warranties ranging from five years to a lifetime, and all fireboxes carry a five-year warranty.

When we perform waterproofing services on your chimney, we provide a watertight ten-year warranty. We provide solo inspection services, just to ensure everything is safe. Our team is also perfecting a camera system for more efficient and concise service.

Fireplace Repairs

Moore's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning provides all levels of fireplace repairs. From water leak issues to chimney caps, our convenient services save you money in the long run. Chimney caps ensure that pests don't get into your chimney during the summer months, and prevent embers from igniting the roof during winter. We also provide repairs to fireplace foundations, which may be damaged by water, as well as normal wear and tear. Our team also handles cracks which result from the constant cooling and heating of the fireplace and chimney. You may notices flakes of metal falling down your chimney, this is a sure sign that a problem is growing and needs to be addressed.

Should you need masonry repair, rotten wood replacement, or a new firebox, Moore's Chimney & Dryer Vent Cleaning is your one-stop source for reliable repair. We provide five-year warranties on fireplace repair services.